NEC's UC Suite for the SV9100

Tools that will increase performance throughout your organization.

UC Suite gives you and your employees access to the latest productivity enhancing communications applications, such as user presence, instant messaging (IM), video chat, and a multimedia softphone. The UC Suite application can be installed on your Windows PC or run in a supported browser window. The web client is supported on Windows & Mac computers and is a favorite among IT staff as it doesn’t need to be installed on a users PC – just open a URL and go.

UC InConnect delivers on the promise of unifying your business’s communications by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft® Outlook® and CRM applications. Our innovative UC InConnect ties your organizational communications into your core business processes while also helping to increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction.

Are you an employee constantly on the go? The UC Mobile App for IOS & Android devices was designed with you in mind. Manage your presence, view others presence, and send/receive IM chat messages. Unified Communications in your pocket!

With the SV9100 and its UC capabilities, your employees retain ownership of their communications. They set their schedule, and their phone rings accordingly. 

The SV9100 gives your employees exactly what they want—unencumbered communications tools that they control.