Better Manage Employees and Office Resources with InControl

 InControl is a web based application that will provide reports on a company’s employees, resources, and callers.

InControl will help answer questions such as:

  • Are my sales people reaching out to the base? A department summary report can help answer that question. Since summary reports support drill down, anything that needs more detail can easily be found.

  • Who did the caller previously caller talk to and how long were they on hold? A phone number details report will show that call from “cradle to grave”.

  • Do we have too many / too few call paths? A trunk utilization report will answer that question.

Run reports on demand, save them as a template for later access, or schedule them to be emailed on a regular basic.

Your reports, delivered your way.

Sample Trunk Utilization Report
Follow a Call From Cradle to Grave
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