Simplified Phone Programming

 PhonePro is an application that allows a SV9100 phone user to program certain features on their telephone through a web browser. PhonePro queries settings on a SV9100 telephone and can assign new functions to the phone. PhonePro provides a graphical view of their telephone and shows the current settings on their SV9100 digital or IP phone.

The user can assign features and values on the programmable buttons of their phone without requiring system level programming access or assistance from an administrator. Items that can be set through PhonePro include: the phone name, call forwarding, ring tones, one touch keys, headset key, various InMail options, and more.

In addition to viewing and assigning features on the programmable buttons, PhonePro can print out a Desi label sheet that can be cut to size to place above each row of programmable buttons.

Sorry, Phone Admin. I don’t need you anymore.

The PhonePro Home Screen
Button Programming